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Turtle personalities 

In general public opinion, turtles are just cold-blooded, unthinking and unfeeling animals - REPTILES.

Well, I have to make a strong statement here: I DON'T THINK SO.

Among different species of turtles a variety of characteristic behavioral patterns, typical just for this perticular species, can be found.
Not only that - even within the same species different " personal " preferences and personalities are a common thing, depanding on the individual.

I know they are not cats or dogs, but...

Taking in consideration, for example, the always debated issue of What should I feed my snapper ?, anyone will soon notice, that with the varieties of food snappers eat, some might be picky with certain kinds of food, while others will just love it !!

It means that some snappers might have their own " personal taste " !

I have found that those differences are true with turtles raised from hatchlings together in the same environment. One of my snappers for example loves the pallet food usually given to large fish as carp ( japanese koi for example ), produced mainly from vegetable matter, while the other ones just spit it out.
The same thing with other foods, for example cabbage or some fruits.

Changing the subject, some snappers seem to pick their own preffered " hang out " places in the tank. And then, apparently bored with them, choose another one and stick to it for a while.

Or have you seen how happy a snapper, or any other aquatic turtle, becomes after replacing the, sometimes happen to be dirty, water in the tank ? It will become active, move around and look for food ! Even snappers don't like to eat in a filthy place.

When being picked up from the tank, some turtles become quiet, some will fight it. One of my middle size snappers doesn't mind when I step over it while taking a walk outside, the other one just panics and tries to bite !

Snappers do mallow with age, but still their temper varies case by case. They live by instincts, turning out aggressive in some situations, but still have their personal preferences, moods, tastes and tempers. Sitting still in a dirty tank, start to explore the surroundings as soon as the water becomes cristal clear.

I guess they just become happy - in their own turtle way...

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